artist statement

artist statement

No landscape is as varied, challenging and expressive as the human landscape. Although the “art establishment” dismissed the human form as a relevant vehicle for artistic expression decades ago and, along with it, the value of its beauty, my narrative figure paintings embrace both the human form and its beauty.

Beauty, as it applies to the human, begs to be defined. Our culture is saturated with images of outwardly beautiful people. Depiction of the human form has unfortunately become primarily associated with marketing and with erotica. This boring, soulless, commercial standard of beauty is artificially attained and relates only to the exterior qualities of the human body. True beauty, however, is neither boring nor fleeting. Authentic beauty is both exciting and lasting because it is earned by facing the grit and grime of life and by triumphing over the challenges with determination, courage, gratefulness and love. This resulting beauty is unique. Radiating from the soul, true beauty transforms its bearer’s physical attributes.

Painting beauty does not necessarily result in a pretty or pleasant picture. The beauty of sacrificial love or courage in the face of disaster may not always be easy to view. A scene depicting the transformational process of overcoming life’s setbacks and tragedies is full of hope and is, therefore, always imbued with beauty.

I believe that the human figure is the most relevant vehicle for communicating through art. The human was created in the image of the Creator and the body is sacred because of the miraculous spark of the Divine deposited therein. Because the Messiah was humanly embodied, the human body is a point of access between the Creator and the rest of all creation. It is the physical being that houses the spirit and the mind and it is with the body, the spirit and the intellect that we relate to and experience each other and the world around us.

I hope that you will enjoy the paintings featured on my web site. And as you experience the true beauty in the human landscape all around you, I invite you to celebrate with me this miracle.